Nothing feels more like Summer than rolling down the windows and cruising the open road in your new BMW. Accelerate in the sunshine and let the stress and frustration of the road disappear. 

Join us in celebrating summer by visiting your local BMW Center for our Summer Sales Event and test driving our latest vehicles. With the excitment surrounding the first-ever BMW X7, the all-new X5, and the redesgined 3 Series there has never been a better time to get behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine®.

Register and attend this event at any participating BMW Center, and you'll receive a credit toward the purchase or lease of a new BMW. Don't miss out. Register now!



MAG BMW of Dublin: July 23-24
BMW of Bowling Green: July 25-27
BMW of Champaign: July 25-27
BMW of Bloomington: July 26, 27 & 29
Enterprise BMW: July 26-27
A&L BMW: July 27
BMW of Ann Arbor: August 1-3
BMW of Schererville: August 1-3
BMW of Wichita: August 2-3
Basney BMW: August 8
BMW of Louisville: August 8-9
BMW of Minnetonka: August 8-9
Erhard BMW of Bloomfield: August 8-10
Sewickley BMW: August 8-9
BMW of Orland Park: August 9-10
BMW Cleveland: August 10
BMW of Traverse City: August 15-16
Laurel BMW of Westmont: August 15-16
Autohaus BMW of Maplewood: August 15-17
Erhard BMW of Farmington Hills: August 15-17
Patrick BMW: August 15-17
Zimbrick BMW: August 15-17
BMW of Dayton: August 16-17
The BMW Store: August 16-17
Plaza Motors: August 16, 17 & 19
Elmhurst BMW: August 17 & 19
Dreyer & Reinbold: August 17 & 24
Fields BMW: August 17
Newbold BMW: August 17
Moses BMW: August 16-17
BMW of Springfield: August 23, 24 & 26
BMW of West St. Louis: August 23, 24 & 26
Sharpe BMW: August 22-24
Baron BMW: August 24
BMW of Kansas City South: August 24
Knauz BMW: August 24
Perillo BMW: August 31